Introduction of Professor Ching-Hua Su
  Professor Ching-Hua Su – one of the first described to name Antrodia camphorata
  Education:   Ph.D. in Agricultural Chemistry, National Taiwan University
  Experience:   Vice Principal of Taipei Medical University
    Professor in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology, College of Medicine, Taipei Medical University
    Executive Officer in Mycological Society of Republic of China
  Specialty:   Mycology, Microbiology, Biomaterials
  Publication:   《健康的守護神—國寶樟芝》 《寶島奇芝—樟芝》
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Superintendent Dr. Vincent Han-Sun Chiang /
     Recognized profession in urology, clinical treatment, and adjunct of music therapy
Current Medical Vice Superintendent of Fu Jen Catholic University
Medical Vice Superintendant of Fu Jen Catholic University
Executive Officer of Taiwan Urological Association
Professor of the College of Medicine in National Taiwan University,
Taipei Medical University and Fu Jen Catholic University
Graduated from the College of Medicine
National Taiwan University
Ph.D. from the Technical University of Munich
Professor Win-Ping Deng/
     Recognized profession in stem cell biology related to cancers and regenerative medicine
Received National Innovation Award 2008
Current Director in the Graduate Institute of Biomedical Materials and Engineering, Taipei Medical University
Chief Examiner, Ministry of Examination, Examination Yuan
Ph.D. in Cancer Biology, Harvard University, U.S.
Professor Ming-Fang Wu/
     Specialized in laboratory animal research and technical development
Current Professor in the Laboratory Animal Center, College of Medicine, National Taiwan University
Associate Researcher, National Laboratory Animal Center,
National Science Council

Ph.D. in Veterinary Medicine, University of Tokyo

Professor George Hsiao/
     Specialized in antioxidant, free radical scavenging, immunoinflammatory and cardiovascular
Current Professor in the Department of Pharmacology, School of Medicine,
College of Medicine, Taipei Medical University
Ph.D. in Graduate Institute of Pharmacology, National Taiwan University
Dr. Gi-Ming Lai/
     Recognized profession in cancer research and clinical treatment
Current Director in the Division of Hematology and Medical Oncology,
Department of Internal Medicine, Wan Fang Hospital Chief Executive of Formosa Cancer Foundation Cancer Research Team, National Health Research Institutes

Associate Researcher and Attending Physician

Director of the Cooperative Oncology Group, National Health Research Institutes Attending Physician, National Taiwan University Hospital
Graduated from the College of Medicine, National Taiwan University
Dr. Yi-Ming Chuang/
     Specialized in liver disease research and clinical treatment
Current Executive Officer in Taitung Chinese Medicine Doctors' Association
Director of the Department of Acupuncture, Show Chwan Memorial Hospital
Director of the Chinese Medicine Department, Wan Hwa Hospital
Graduated from the School of Chinese Medicine, China Medical University