The wild fungal strain (100% matched DNA sequence approved by the Food Industry Research and Development Institute) of Antrodia camphorata that grows the fastest with the most abundant active ingredient was strictly selected and stored in liquid nitrogen.   The selected fungal strain is recovered and cultured in petri dishes before planting in cultivation bags containing special medium (Cultivation Patent No. 191762 in various countries worldwide). The cultures are kept in a specific environmental condition that enables the growth of fruiting bodies.  
  A patented stage extraction method (Patent No. I352612) is used to process the 100% raw ingredient. After edible alcohol is added to the ingredient, the Antrodia camphorata fruiting bodies are soaked for 30 days to extract the active layer of the triterpenoids (alcohols are totally evaporated). The extracted raw material is further extracted by hot water; at this time, the soluble polysaccharides will be massively released. Lastly, the extract produced from the multiple extraction procedures are dried respectively and mixed by a specific ratio.
  A cultivation bag weighs 1Kg. The fruiting bodies can only be collected after several complicated cultivating procedures and after the culture medium is removed. Then, through high temperature, high pressure steaming, the fruiting bodies are broken to fully release triterpenoids in fungal spores. When those components are heat dried, only 0.06Kg of the precious pure ingredient remains.  

Received prizes from several countries worldwide on the cultivation, and the health function patent received Excellent Project Award (livelihood medicine group) from the Ministry of Economic Affairs Approved by Taiwan SNQUS FDAJapan's Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Approved by Taipei Medical University IRB for human clinical trials

Through several strict cultivation and extraction procedures, Well Shine Antrodia camphorata fruiting body requires at least 120-day attentive care. At the same time, the product has passed several tests from the Department of Health, including heavy metal, insecticide, pesticide, microorganism, plasticizer analysis. The national award of SNQ and Excellent Project Award (livelihood medicine group) of Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, in 2004 have also been received. It is a well recognition and highly honored.
Products and techniques Introduction Applications Market advantage and opportunity
Antrodia camphorata fruiting body
Ingredient supply Food, cosmetic
nationally and
A rare fungus native to Taiwan,
difficult to cultivate, no competitor
nationally or internationally, good
opportunity on the ingredient
Antrodia camphorata fruiting body health

Antrodia camphorata
Antrodia camphorata
compound capsule
Antrodia camphorata drink

Supplement daily diet or drink of
modern people,
replacing wild

◎ The autonomy property and
diverse application allow a wide range
of product development

◎The unique structure of Antrodia
provides numerous
opportunity on patenting and
developing lead drugs. There is a
great potential on exploring the
effective ingredient and new
compound. As a result, the product
market in Taiwan can be increased,
and the product will be advantageous
on entering the international market.