Well Shine received Innovation Award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, National Biotechnology & Medical Care Quality Award, and Excellence of Public Medical Assessment. We own patents for cultivation techniques, extraction procedures, functional applications of "the fruiting body of Antrodia camphorata". The company has been specialized in the health promotion business for more than 20 years, focusing on various rare fungi research related to healthcare. Meanwhile, we insist on being hardworking, genuineness, and conscience to develop evidence based products that promote human health.  

Our leading techniques and the product qualities are recognized by the markets worldwide; of those, the fruiting body of Antrodia camphorata native to Taiwan break through the limit of biotechnology. We were the first to finish sequencing its DNA. More than 36 organizations of accreditation in 28 countries approved the special properties of "no acute toxicity", "no chronic toxicity", "no genetic toxicity", fitting the criteria of "adaptogen" and "functionality". We do not only keep and pass on warm hearted service, but also preserve the value of Antrodia camphorata.